Construction Update: April 30, 2015

From February to April, crews spread across the construction site, excavating soil that will be repurposed for Yale’s golf course. As workers continue to erect foundation walls and pour the basement floors, members of the community can discern the clear outlines of the colleges beginning to emerge from the ground.

  • On February 25, snow covered the worksite, seen from the rooftop of the Malone Center.
  • By April, some workers are wearing short sleeves as they prepare forms for the foundation walls.
  • A crane lifts a section of formwork for the foundation walls.
  • Workers look on as concrete is poured for a basement slab.
  • With wire and rebar, workers create a steel lattice that will be used to strengthen a foundation wall.
  • In total, 1,174 tons of steel will be used to reinforce the foundations of the two colleges.
  • A white epoxy is used to waterproof one of the elevator pits, which will serve as a base for an elevator shaft in North College. In all, twenty-eight elevators will serve the two colleges, making every entryway wheelchair accessible.
  • Concrete cylinders reaching up to grade level will serve as manholes, providing access to the site drainage system and other underground utilities.
  • A view from the Malone Center in mid-April shows significant progress across the site.
  • On April 16, university leaders and alumni gathered to celebrate the construction. From left are Joshua ’80 and Anita Bekenstein, Edward P. Bass ’67, President Emeritus Richard C. Levin ’74 Ph.D., Jane A. Levin ’75 Ph.D., Marta E. Moret ’84 MPH, President Peter Salovey ’86 PH.D., Charles B. Johnson ’54, and G. Leonard Baker ’64.