Move-In Day Update

On August 25, 2017, Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray colleges celebrated the arrival of the Class of 2021. The college heads, deans, and upperclassmen were on hand to welcome the 293 first-year students moving in that day. Together 761 students will populate the colleges this year across all four classes, creating the mixture of community and tradition that is the hallmark of Yale’s residential college experience.

  • On Friday, August 25, Pauli Murray College and Benjamin Franklin College open their doors to welcome the members of the Class of 2021. Upperclassmen who had arrived during the week are on hand to greet the first-years.
  • Move-in day starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Together, the new colleges will be home to 293 first-year students.
  • FroCos (First-year counselors) in Pauli Murray College arrive to help with the move-in.
  • A student volunteer steers a laden cart through a gateway at Pauli Murray College.
  • In Benjamin Franklin, Head of College Charles Bailyn ’81 (second from left) and Dean Jessi Royce Hill (right) pose with students. The “founders” t-shirts and tri-corner hats have been adopted as symbols of the college.
  • Arriving families gather on Prospect Street to move into Benjamin Franklin College.
  • In Pauli Murray College, upperclassmen wear “Murray Muscle!” shirts featuring popular World War II icon Rosie the Riveter.
  • A student pulls her belongings through the Class of 1964 gate, which enters into Benjamin Franklin College.
  • Tina Lu, head of Pauli Murray College, takes a break with students. Also with her is Gwen, the inaugural Pauli Murray dog, a corgi–Jack Russell mix.
  • Move-in day is made easier by perfect weather and a host of hardworking volunteers.
  • A first-year student receives his key and a welcome package at Benjamin Franklin College.
  • Tina Lu, Yale University President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D., Yale College Dean Marvin Chun, and Alexander Rosas, dean of Pauli Murray College, pose for a selfie with students.
  • A student puts the finishing touches on one wall in her first-year suite. There are 204 suites and 77 singles across both colleges.
  • A first-year student organizes her wardrobe on move-in day.
  • Dean Chun and President Salovey greet a first-year student and her family.
  • President Salovey speaks with a Pauli Murray College volunteer. In addition to the newly-arrived first-years, the colleges are home to 468 students in their sophomore, junior, or senior years who transferred from other residential colleges.